Book Sneak-a-Peek: “The Glorious Gospel of Making Do”

Excerpt from The Small Church Advantage: Seven Powerful Worship Practices that Work Best in Small Settings (chapter 17)

It’s an essential, hiding-in-plain-sight theme in the Bible: making do. God’s work never depends on ideal plans, perfect people, or the right resources. Instead with the boldness of divine love, God works with whatever and whoever. God makes do.

Surrounded by chaos and with no engineering blueprints, God created anyway. When God sought out a people to carry out the divine rescue plan, a nomad and his barren wife were a good enough start.

Remember when the plan called for a savior? No baby bed? A manger made do. No public relations team? Try some shepherds. Need credible witnesses? Grab some uneducated fishermen. Add in poor widows, tax collectors, and a sister who neglects her chores. Need more followers? Look for ordinary hungry folks . . .


About the Book: The Small Church Advantage

This book has been my labor of love. Thanks to all the small-setting pastors and laity who have shared their stories. 

Small congregations are not miniaturized big ones. They have powerful, deeply-forming strengths–ones not available in big settings. This book offers a new, hope-full perspective on worship and ministry.  It’s meant for both pastors and laity. Together. The chapters will start a conversation and guide a plan for your congregation.

There really is a small church advantage. And the work of the whole Church needs it.

What’s included?

  • 7 Short Lessons for the Whole Church on Small Congregations
    These are the quiet parts we need to speak aloud.
  • 7 Worship Strengths for Small Congregations
    With instructions, examples, conversation guides, and adaptable plans that actually fit your setting.
  • 3 Unexpected Conversations for Small Congregations to Lead
    Each is rooted in our Christian tradition and requires a small-setting perspective. For small group study.

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