Co-Creating Palm to Passion with Your Small Congregation

Palm-To-Passion Sunday solves the problem of Sunday-only folks missing out on Good Friday worship. It’s a problem, of course, because Good Friday is essential for grasping the depths to which divine love goes for us.

But the Palm-to-Passion format creates a different problem. Including the passion alongside the palm parade can create a bit of … well, worship whiplash. It’s a lot. 

Want to avoid the whiplash? Let the scripture guide that impossible journey. With as little interference and added words as possible. 

That’s the point of the reader’s theater resource for Palm-to-Passion Sunday. It takes the place of the typical sermon. And it unleashes the power of our scripture with participation.

Ah, participation. 

Remember your small-setting superpower is treating worshipers as essential co-creators. Not simply observers.

That we-created-it-together kind of worship participation is deeply forming. And not generally possible in big settings.

So this resource is designed for your superpower. I first crafted it for a series of worship workshops. Now NavPress (publishers of The Message) is allowing a broader release for small congregation worship. 

And some more good news. You’ve helped figure out that this resource is hybrid-helpful and easily-zoomable. You can share the script among both sanctuary-pew worshipers and home-couch worshipers. So both groups can do the people’s work together. Imagine that.

Check out the Palm-to-Passion Overview below. The full resource is free by request—just click the link.

Holy Week Resources Request Form

Palm to Passion Overview

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