3 Holy Week Resources for Small Congregations: Let the Scripture Work

Dear Ones:

I suspect you’re exhausted by now. 

Our culture is a mismatch of big trouble and cheap hope. So Lent has some heavy lifting to do. 

And after navigating a pandemic, an unthinkable war, and–perhaps–reconsidering your own call, you’re already weary.

So here’s a good news reminder as you prepare for the weeks ahead.

It’s not all on you.

And it’s not even close.

You don’t need all the perfect sermon words. 

You don’t need to dilute the Holy Week stories with clever, original explanations. 

In Holy Week, you can trust our scripture to work. 

That’s the point of the following resources. They simply allow the scripture to speak to us. With us. Intimately. They are designed for messy participation. Not perfect performance. And intimate, messy, high-participation worship is one of your strengths.

So here they are. Available by request. And with a plea to let me know what you experience with them.


  1. Palm-to-Passion Sunday: A readers’ theater script based on Luke’s account (MSG). Replaces the sermon. Easily adaptable for 3-12 (or more) readers. With responses in song and symbol. Minimal coordination. 
  2. Holy Thursday Event: A worship experience with simple supper, holy conversation, handwashing, and communion. Designed for simplicity, intimacy, and participation.
  3. Good Friday Worship: A meditative reading of the passion story in John (MSG). With responses in song and silence. No rehearsal.

To request them, click on the following form. They will be attached to your return email within 24 hours. In a Word (docx) format. 

Holy Week Resources Request Form

If there’s interest, I’ll also offer a Zoom call to help with the planning. 

For thousands of years, our scriptures have ushered us into the depths of divine love. Let them do that work now. Yes, we live in a time of big trouble. But our hope is priceless, not cheap. And graciously, already provided.

Thank you for your ministry,