Christmas-to-Epiphany Sunday: A Simple-Lavish Arts & Music Celebration


Dear Ones: 

A quick note. The Church calendar for this year includes an awkward squish. Christmas continues for twelve glorious days of carols and celebration. Full throttle. The next season—Epiphany—begins on January 6 of each year. And like Christmas, Epiphany is a distinctive, important celebration. The story of those gift-bearing, star-following outsiders visiting baby Jesus shines a powerful light. Emmanuel is for all people. The good news extends to all the world. 

So here’s the awkward squish. Epiphany (January 6, 2022) actually falls on a we-don’t-usually-worship-Thursday. So some Christians (and the United Methodist planner) fit it in on an earlier Sunday—like January 2, 2022. It’s a practical compromise that squishes together Christmas and Epiphany. 

In the spirit of this compromise, I’m offering simple resources for a January 2, 2022, Christmas-to-Epiphany Sunday. Check the downloadables for EPIPHANY: WORSHIP ORDER and EPIPHANY: CHILDREN’S WORSHIP (even if you don’t have children).

This is the perfect occasion to try out some of your worship advantages—the heightened-participation, deeply-forming stuff that doesn’t work in big settings.

The worship is based on a hymn-sing-music-fest. Let the music preach! 

But it also includes an arts celebration—where worshipers are invited to draw, doodle, and depict their joy with a playful variety of simple art supplies. Later in worship—along with the usual offerings—their art is brought to the altar for display. As gifts. And as precious to God as gold, frankincense and myrrh.

It’s hands-on, everybody’s-gifts-matter, play-full worship. Remember that liturgy is the work of the people. Not just the clergy. So spread the labor to all the people.

Based on your requests, I’m including some Inspiration Pictures. Remember to adapt the ideas to your setting. The good news requires it. And let me know your thoughts. I cherish the conversations—and requests.

Thanks for your ministry,