How Origami, Legos & the Harvard Business School Reveal Your Superpower. Really.

Dear Ones:

Check out this YouTube video. By Dan Ariely on the IKEA Effect. It’s a bonanza for small churches. Really. It explains one of your superpowers. 

Listen with this in mind: Liturgy literally means “the WORK of the people.” So when the researcher studies how people come to love their work, well, that’s worship.. And specifically, he’s talking about the way small congregations worship!

YouTube link: Dan Ariely, Ikea Effect

Could this mean that the more building, participation, hands-on, I-helped-make-it in our worship work, the greater the formation? The greater the love for our labors? The greater the felt value of whatever is produced? 

Yes, yes, yes.

Remember, big congregations have to work harder because they can’t get worshiper’s hands on the liturgy. But you have another way. Participation. 

It can be dense, messy, unexpected, imperfect. Just like ministry.

It’s also the way we fall in love with work, worship, and our faith.

Participation is more forming than watching a performance. Even a really excellent one led with teams of experts and the latest technology.

You have the superpower of this IKEA Effect. The labors you summon for worship lead to love.

Stay tuned for specific ideas to summon the IKEA Effect. 

Thanks for your ministry,


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