Small Church, Big God: Stories, Ideas & Support

Dear Ones:

I’ve been asked to write a blog. Just for small congregations. That’s you.

And I’ve been advised: Don’t write for theoretical people-you-don’t-know. Write for the folks you already know. That’s you, too.

Over the past 20 years, you have taught me how to fall more deeply in love with small congregations. Their enormous challenges. And their even more enormous gifts. My vocation is the care and feeding of their clergy and laity. Yeah, you again.

Beginning in September, I’ll be posting to The posts will include practical help, theological exploration, links to great resources, and unlikely stories. Your stories. Oh, and some free worship resources designed specifically for small congregations. Requests welcomed!

If it’s helpful, let me know.

If you’d like help on a specific topic, let me know. Others share your needs!

If you have examples of what’s worked well–or hasn’t–please let me know. I’d love to write a post on your ministry. To share your stories with each other. And the whole Church.

We need to cherish the distinctive stories of small settings. And how the kingdom of God keeps surprising us from unlikely places. Like yours.

If you’re willing to share the posts or invite others, I’d deeply appreciate it.

Thanks for your ministry,


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